Should there be a legal age for dating

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Should there be a legal age for dating

Every survivor is unique and will need the help that is right for them.

Professional counselling, support groups, friends and family can all play a part in assisting a survivor in the aftermath of an assault. Survivors struggling with feelings of shame and worthlessness, and other feelings that may arise after a sexual assault, can find it very difficult to take good care of themselves.

Just remember that what YOU feel is real and it's NOT your fault.

These symptoms are referred to as "Rape Trauma Syndrome" and for some can last for a very long time.

Following a sexual assault your first concern may be for your own safety.

You can preserve evidence at the scene by not cleaning or removing items at the scene. It is also important to write down everything you can about the incident as soon as possible.If you do not wish to report to police, that is your right.If you are under 18, the assault must be reported to the police or a child protection worker. There is no statute of limitations on reporting a crime. However, if you decide to call the police, the sooner you call the better.Every person reacts with a different combination of symptoms and at a different rate of time.Symptoms may be experienced in the short or long-term.

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You have experienced one of the most traumatic events possible.